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Parafed Northland General Terms and Conditions

By signing up to any Parafed Northland events or to become a Parafed Northland member you are:

- Allowing Parafed Northland to collect and store your details in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 for the purpose of administrating and servicing your membership. Requests to remove or change details can be made directly to Parafed Northland by email

- Agreeing to the codes of conduct in place for Parafed Northland clubs.

- Agreeing that Parafed Northland may use your image for promotional purposes - unless under-18, where parental consent will be required.

- Agreeing to pay your annual subscription in a timely manner - if finances are a problem for you, please do get in touch with Parafed Northland so we are aware.

- Agreeing to be on the newsletter database.

Please read the following Code of Conduct and Photography Policy. Please ensure that all participants, supporters and parents consent to abide by the Code of Conduct and agree to the Photography Policy.

We understand that there may be circumstances where the photography of participants and the use of their images may be sensitive. Please contact Sharon Carroll (Parafed Northland) directly at or by phone 0272653227 when we may need to exercise discretion with a participant in your group.



  • Participants and accompanying supporters/parents are to:

  • Respect the rules of the sport and follow direction and requests from the instructor at all times

  • Encourage fair play

  • Encourage sportsmanship

  • Win with grace and lose with dignity

  • Participants are to:

  • Have a positive attitude and actively participateAccompanying supporters/parents are to:

  • Remain with their participants all-day

  • Support participants in their activity, but allow them to play without you as much as possible

  • Carry all necessary medication and emergency contact details for the participant

  • Be responsible for participant behaviour and discipline

Photography policy:

This is a great opportunity to showcase our work to a wider audience than those attending. With this in mind, we plan to invite some media to help us. As such some participants may be interviewed/photographed during the event.

To promote our work we often profile these events, and their participants in online, print and social media, as well as public relations material and video footage. All material collected is used specifically to enhance the work of Parafed Northland. Images and content may also be supplied to external news media to further achieve this goal. It is important for our ongoing success that we continue to develop this material.  

Thank you for your co-operation.

Terms and Conditions:

1. I acknowledge that there are risks and realise the dangers of participating in an event such as this and fully assume the risks associated with such participation and my well-being during the event.

2. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the event which may be beyond the immediate control of officials and organisers and I must make sure as to neither endanger myself or others.

3. Neither the organiser, the sponsors nor other parties associated with the event shall have any responsibility for any liability, financial or otherwise which might arise whether or not by negligence from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained by me or any other party directly or indirectly associated with me, from my intended or actual participation in the event or its related activities.

4. I consent to receive medical treatment which may be advisable in the event of illness or injuries suffered during the event and agree to report any injuries to event organisers.

5. By supplying your email address you are giving your consent to receive information about this and future events and promotions.

6. By signing up for this event you are agreeing to become a Parafed Northland member, of which membership costs $15 a year for an individual or $20 for a family. Membership gives you free or subsidised Parafed Northland events and programs.

7. Due to the ever-changing risk of Covid-19 to the public I acknowledge that Parafed Northland reserves the right to change the requirement for Vaccine Passes for programmes and events. Registered Participants will be notified if/when a change to the requirements is made. 

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